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The Koehler Center is dedicated to facilitating ongoing, reflective discourse regarding instruction and learning, including engaging with instructional staff, departments/units, and administration. The Koehler Center will strive to meet the challenges of integrating effective, innovative instructional/learning methodologies and technologies to promote engagement and improve learning.

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The Grades tool in TCU Online functions as a manageable record of student achievement on items assessed within a course. Within the Grades tool, you can...

8/9 9 am

Are you looking to efficiently evaluate and provide archivable feedback on presentations, portfolios, or other types of assignments? Would you like to easily...

8/9 1 pm

Instructors can use the Quizzes tool within TCU Online to create and manage a variety of points-measured assessments. These various assessments help...

8/10 9 am

Are you looking for ways to extend discussions outside of the classroom and provide opportunities for students to critically think and reflect upon content?...

8/10 1 pm
TCU Online: Organizing Modules and Content to Structure Learning

The organization of course content in TCU Online should not only allow students to quickly and easily find what they need, but also provide a learning...

8/11 11 am

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