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The Koehler Center is dedicated to facilitating ongoing, reflective discourse regarding instruction and learning, including engaging with instructional staff, departments/units, and administration. The Koehler Center will strive to meet the challenges of integrating effective, innovative instructional/learning methodologies and technologies to promote engagement and improve learning.

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Honoring Diverse Ways of Knowing: Decentering Dominant Narratives in Service-Learning Utilizing Community Cultural Wealth with Cathy Avila-Linn and Kristina Barger

Using participatory facilitation methods, this interactive webinar will introduce Dr. Tara J. Yosso’s Community Cultural Wealth Model as a framework for...

10/29 3 pm
Pronoun Fluency: Creating Safer Spaces Through Inclusive Language with Lindsay Knight and Nino Testa

Do you have questions about non-binary pronouns? Do you keep calling someone in your life by the wrong pronouns? Are you unsure how to talk to new people...

11/3 1 pm
Smart Syllabus Design

A well-designed syllabus is key to a successful course. The complete and engaging syllabus can act both as a contract with students and as a roadmap for what...

11/5 1 pm
Creating Participation Rubrics

As we incorporate more student engagement and active learning in our courses—and expect more engagement and responsibility from our students—we need to...

11/12 9 am
Teaching & Learning Conversation

There is a lot of evidence that diverse work teams outperform homogenous ones. Diversity leads to different perspectives shared and better decision-making....

11/12 1 pm

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