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Event Live Stream

This event was recorded prior to the end of the semester.

The event program is available here.

Opera in the time of Covid 19

How do we keep creating art in a time of so many restrictions? That is the question that confronted the Opera Studio this semester. Any program would need, of course to be totally virtual. Instead of thinking of this as a burden, the students of the Opera Studio looked at this as a challenge! The results are this performance. The program includes a number of scenes from Opera and Musical Theater. All the scenes were recorded, both audio and visual, and then edited by the students themselves. The amount of invention and wit that has gone into putting these little pieces of opera theater together is absolutely astounding. 

Each of the scenes was presented with a particular challenge, due to the pandemic. For instance, if the two students were "in person" they had to deal with all the PPE and social distancing that came with the TCU restrictions. Some scenes were with two students who were both virtual. They had to prerecord a vocal track and them "film" themselves lip syncing to the recording. And in some cases, one student was online and one in person. A virtue was made of having one students interacting with another who was present on our large video monitor via Zoom. The students were then taught how to edit their product using apps available on their phone. Another interesting tidbit, most of the scenes were visually recorded using iphones! 

While the final products were not meant to be "Hollywood ready", I think you'll agree that even though most of the students had no experience in recording and editing before this semester, this is quite an accomplishment. 


Director: David Gately

Music Direction: Stephen Carey

Video Consultant: Tyson Deaton

  • J. David Brock
  • David Gately
  • Max Watson

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This was a timely and inventive program. The singing, directing and "new" technology were impressive! Bravo tutti!!!

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