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Do you love witnessing those “light-bulb” moments when students put the pieces together to understand concepts? Do your students struggle to apply the material they are learning? Do you want to teach students skills in addition to content? Inquiry-based learning techniques may be for you!

In this workshop you will experience guided inquiry-based learning to examine the success of these techniques. These techniques are effective at increasing student learning and decreasing the number of students that drop or fail courses. Inquiry-based learning strategies have been used in large and small courses alike and across many fields as a way to teach students higher-order thinking skills while also delivering content. As an instructor, you'll observe students work together to discover and apply course material and be able to correct misconceptions before they take root!

After attending this workshop you will be able to:

  • Describe an inquiry-based learning classroom from your own experience
  • List advantages of incorporating inquiry-based learning techniques into your classroom
  • Identify methods for overcoming challenges to inquiry-based learning
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