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Pedagogy in Practice: Leveraging Virtual Tools for In-Person Learning with Annie Cowden

Ready to ditch the computer and get back into the classroom? Not so fast! Returning to in-person learning shouldn’t mean eliminating all virtual tools. Instead of abandoning everything from the last year, leverage your knowledge of virtual learning to enhance the in-person classroom experience. In this workshop, you will learn how to use a variety of technologies to assess students in real time, create meaningful conversations, encourage equal participation across students, increase peer interaction and student-driven content, and transition seamlessly between in-person and virtual work.

By now, many of us know about Kahoot! and Zoom breakout rooms, but feel stuck in terms of how else we can engage students virtually. No matter your skill level, this workshop will help you explore digital learning tools that can be used for in-person, hybrid, and virtual learning. The tools shared in this workshop will allow you to create impactful classroom learning and to keep the class running in the face of illness or absence. The next time you are called away to a conference, you can use these techniques to avoid cancelling class and keep students learning. The best part is that many of the tools will enhance student learning without creating additional assignments for you to grade.

As a sneak peek, here are just a few of the technologies we will cover: Poll Everywhere, Equity Map, Wizer.Me, Google Slides, Box, and Pear Deck. Feel like you’re already a pro? This workshop will also explore new ways to utilize familiar technologies for greater student learning. 

Tuesday, October 19 at 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

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