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Three Pillars to Succeeding in Life: Carrie Palin, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Splunk (Part 2: Podcast Episode Release)

Carrie Palin, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Splunk, is a technology rockstar in the sales industry. With experience from working at Dell, IBM, and Box, she is a leader and role model in the industry.

As a native Texan, Palin gained her diligent work ethic from her father who was also a leader in the sales industry. Palin is a fellow TCU Horned Frog with a degree in communications. Her career started when she accepted a job with Dell out of college. This quickly launched Palin’s career in technology as she found her niche.

Throughout this podcast, Palin shares her three pillars to succeeding in life and how they helped her find great success in her career, beginning from a communications background. With perseverance and a passion for success, Palin quickly became a strong leader in the tech industry and set her sights high at the top of the pedestal. With experience in Texas and Silicon Valley, Palin has a plethora of knowledge and is eager to share it with our community.

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