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Presentation with Arie Vardi

"A Girl Called Ondine" - presented by Guest Artist Arie Vardi.

Ondine the Water Nymph…

Ondine the Siren…

Ondine the Mermaid…

Ondine is a known figure from the very beginning of Europe. The legend of Ondine is in every country, originating from the Greek mythology. Why is she so seductive? Why is she so charming? Why are we so tempted by her? What happens to us after an encounter with Ondine? And above all, is she a happy figure or just a beauty idol, a symbol of seduction?

And why is she so dangerous? In another culture we might mention that a siren is a siren; it’s for the ambulance, for the police cars. So why use the same word “siren” as a description of Ondine? The song of the Siren is so sweet and seductive, yet filled with dangers. In Greek mythology, this seductive figure would sit on an island on a very dangerous rock. And when the sailors approach her, their boats would slam into the rocks and they would drown. So is this feminine seductive figure really irresistible or perhaps she can be resisted? What is more, is she successful at the end?

In this presentation, we shall take a journey into discovering her secrets, through the music of Debussy and Ravel.

Thursday, June 27 at 7:30pm

PepsiCo Recital Hall
2800 South University Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76109

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