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If you are interested in the people aspect of business, or want to be your own boss, a management major covers all the skills you need to be a successful manager. These include strategic planning, leadership, entrepreneurship, communication, conflict resolution, team building, creative problem solving, business plans, managing small business growth, human resource management, law, and business ethics.

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The Executive Communication Series provides a learning roadmap for leaders comprised of four offerings designed to intentionally address the areas where...

2/24 8:30 am

The Advanced Leadership Certificate is a premium, comprehensive and immersive experience for leaders of all industries seeking a refresh of critical business...

3/3 8 am

In the age of Teams, Zoom, Texts and Slack, how can a leader connect through the chaos? Leaders who rise above the unique challenges of the digital era will...

3/24 8:30 am
Leading the Teams of Tomorrow

In this two-day program, you’ll discover what has changed regarding teams, what is coming in the future and approaches to optimize team success. * A 30...

3/29 8:30 am

In this two-day offering, participants will gain insights and concrete strategies for accomplishing personal and organizational goals by effectively managing...

4/21 8:30 am

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